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MV Bay One Cruise Ship

The cruise ship ‘Bay One’ which is one of the main attractions of ‘Sea Tourism’ in the world is being added to the luxury cruise ship travel and tourism industry of Saint Martin this time. Through the introduction of the MV Bay One cruise ship, the country's sea tourism industry has acquired a new dimension. “MV Bay One” is the most luxurious cruise ship of Bangladesh sails from Chattogram near Chittagong Patenga (CGP) airport 15no. ghat to Saint Martin, the island of coral and crystal blue water. Bay One Bangladesh offers travelers the option of sea travel on the glamorous cruise ship while keeping the bay one tickets price in a manageable range. Bay one cruise ship is waiting to take your wanderlust to a new level of sea travel drifting through the salty sea air in the bay one cruise. Bay One cruise tickets price has been set to accommodate passengers of all categories.Rich in all modern conveniences with a comfortable tickets price, this amazing cruise ship is sailing from Chattogram to Saint Martin directly. The Bay One cruise ship has revolutionized Bangladesh's travel and tourism so book your tickets now to see the breathtaking blue ocean of Saint Martin

MV Bay One Schedule

Every Thursday at 10:00 pm, mv bay one starts for an 8-hour cruise tour from Chittagong water bus terminal, Jetty no 15 and arrives at 7:00 am in Saint Martin Island.

Every Saturday Bay One starts for returning from Saint Martin at 09:00 am from Saint Martin and arrives in Chattogram at 7:00 pm.

MV Bay One Cabin Details

Economy Class

For one person. Economy Class Seat. On the first and second floor, E Deck and F Deck.

Round trip price is 5,000 taka

(One way trip price is 2,800 taka).

Business Class

For one person.Business Class Seat. On the third floor D Deck

Round trip price is 7,000 taka

(One way trip price is 3,700 taka)

Open Deck

For one person.On the sixth floor A Deck

Round trip price is 7,500 taka

(One way trip price is 4,500 taka).

Bunker Bed

For one person. Bunker Bed. On the fourth floor C Deck.

Round trip price is 8,000 taka

(One way trip price is 5,000 taka).

Presidential Class

Cabin for two people.On the fifth floor, B Deck.

Round trip price is 38,000 taka

(One way trip price is 20,000 taka).

Presidential plus cabin

Cabin for four people.

Round trip price is 45,000 taka

(One way trip price is 25,000 taka).

Royal Class

Cabin for two people.Royal Suit.On the sixth floor, A Deck.

The price is 40,000 taka

(One way trip price is 23,000 taka)

VVIP Cabin

Cabin for two people.VVIP Cabin.On the sixth floor, A Deck.

The price is 45,000 taka

(One way trip price is 25,000 taka)

Family Bunker

Cabin for four people.Special Class Bunker Bed.On the sixth floor, A Deck.

Round trip price is 35,000 taka

(One way trip price is 19,000 taka).

The Emperor's Cabin

Cabin for two people.

Round trip price is 50,000 taka

(One way trip price is 28,000 taka).

Reservations and Payment Plans For Bay One Cruise Tickets

To book bay one tickets online or in person, please provide your full name, phone number, email address, the number of tickets with ticket type and travel date.

We will give you a booking confirmation after we receive the above details. Once you receive our confirmation, you must pay the ticket price to buy your ticket. After that, we will provide you with a soft/hard copy of the ticket.

You can pay in cash at our office or use our bKash merchant number or bank account to buy bay one tickets.


For bKash payment 2% bkash service charge will be added.


Dial *247#, Choose "Payment"

Merchant number: 01748704622

Amount: xxx, Reference: 111


For Nagad payment 2% Nagad service charge will be added.


Dial *167#, Choose "Payment"

Merchant number: 01748704622

Amount: xxx, Reference: 111

Bank Account

BRAC Bank Limited.

Account ID: 1104204638686001

Account Name: Technova

Branch: CDA Avenue,Chittagong

Branch routing number 060151481

Cash Payment

Address: Xtreme Solution, btiLandmark(4th Floor), Wireless Moor, ZakirHossain Road West Khulshi,Chattogram4000.

Call: 09613-888000

** Please share above mentioned information and desired payment method to book bay one ticket for your journey by bay one cruise Bangladesh.

Reach Your Destination

You can now take an exciting sea trip, which has lent tourism on St. Martin's Island a whole new dimension. To us, every moment of your trip to Saint Martin by bay one cruise is priceless. That is why, we care from the moment you buy your ticket to the time you return. Take a tour of Bangladesh's coastal routes on our luxury bay one ship and marvel at the beauty of the blue water and the sky. All of the facilities are here, as is the peace between the sky and the blue silky water, while this luxury ship sails on the ocean. This royal ship makes a sea voyage to Saint Martin more pleasurable for travelers. Bangladesh's maritime tourism industry is largely untapped. It is, however, going at a snail's pace. The Bay One Cruise is regarded as a forerunner in the world of maritime tourism. Bay One ship will depart from Chittagong for St. Martin, a coral island off the coast of Bangladesh. The passengers on this luxury ship have a number of options, including overnight accommodations.